Analogies is a start-up semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) design company that provides high-speed wired and wireless connectivity cores for SOC solutions. It is currently working to present silicon proven, tailored to customer needs, high speed interface and signal processing cores, that offer significant time to market and risk mitigation benefits. The company serves fabless IC, IDMs, OEMs, ODMs that design SOCs with high speed connectivity or signal processing requirements.

The company founded on March 2006 by semiconductor industry business entrepreneurs with long standing experience on semiconductor design and a private equity company.

The company focuses on high speed front end PHYs with emphasis in communications (SERDES, VCOs, PLLs, RF functions), high speed interfaces (memory/bus PHY IFs) and connectivity, as well as on digital, mixed-signal and analog implementations of signal processing algorithms for error correcting codes with emphasis given to Turbo/LDPC-like correcting and equalization schemes.

Our designs demonstrate a competitive advantage in relation to design innovation, silicon density, power and speed of operation. Current offerings include DFI compliant physical memory interface (DDR2/3 PHY) cores, multi GHz wired IP core like the SuperSpeed USB2.0/3.0 PHY. Wireless IP cores like its 60GHz PLL as well as advanced FEC cores for backhaul small cells, like its gigabit rate capable LDPC IP cores.

Analogies currently employs full-time highly skilled engineers with most holding post graduate degrees and PhDs. Several members of the team have extensive expertise and industrial experience and have worked as an intact team in high speed analog designs in GiGA A/S and later in Intel, after the acquisition of GiGA A/S by Intel in 2000. Additionally, Analogies draws senior technical scientific advice from distinguished persons from Academia that bring extensive scientific and industrial experience.

Headquartered in the Patras Innovation Hub, in Patras, Greece. Analogies is a proud member of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association.

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