Analogies is a start-up semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) design company that provides high-speed wired and wireless connectivity cores for SoC solutions. We are currently working to present silicon proven, tailored to customer needs, high speed interface and signal processing cores, that offer significant time to market and risk mitigation benefits. The company serves fabless IC, IDMs, OEMs, ODMs that design SOCs with high speed connectivity or signal processing requirements.

The company founded on March 2006 by semiconductor industry business entrepreneurs with long standing experience on semiconductor design and a private equity company.


Analogies is seeking to establish and maintain partnerships with world-class semiconductor businesses in the development, manufacturing, OEM, and integration areas.

For additional information on exploring partnership opportunities with Analogies, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Analogies offers a brisk and dynamic environment that brings brilliant minds together and gives them the tools and methods to succeed. Some of the Analogies engineers have been in the past former GiGA/Intel employees and have participated in advanced technology 40Gbit/s design efforts. This kind of experience tied with fresh talent and innovative ideas from University of Patras, laid the very foundation for Analogies.

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